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5 Everyday Luxuries I Couldn’t Live Without!

With our super busy modern lives, I feel that it’s the simplest of things that are the true luxuries of life. My five everyday luxuries are things for everyone and things that will make every single day a little more special. 1: Beautiful Linens From beautiful bed sheets to luxurious bath towels there is really

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Sundays are my favourite day of the week! From lazy mornings spent in bed with freshly brewed coffee and a great magazine to browse through, to slow walks with the dogs along streets lined with beautiful houses, trees and parks. Or adventures into town browsing through shops and galleries then ending up either at a

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As an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist I am always looking for inspiration for my projects, as much as I love finding inspiration on Instagram and the Internet my absolutely favourite place to find authentic & original interior design inspiration is in good old books! These are my five reasons why books are the best place to find your next great idea! 1:

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The power of a single piece of furniture can sometimes be frightening. Colour, shape, finish, size and style and make or break a room. However the power of a piece of furniture that does not cry for attention and can almost be invisible can add so much to a space. Its invisibility is its greatest

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African dreaming

I first became fascinated by Africa when I was a young child. My Grandfather had been on an adventure to Africa in the 1970s and brought back artefacts such as, hides, mounted horns, ceramics and all kinds of interesting items that captivated my imagination. I was fortunate enough to go to Africa a few years

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I was looking through a book I found, lost in a pile at a second hand shop, Gina Lollobrigida’s ITALIA MIA, and was captured by the scooters that graced the pages. With Vespers flying around your hometown they are still a great mode of transport and so classic and stylish! Join my journey on instagram @mrjacka where I share

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Old and Forgotten Books

Books are one of those things that you will have for life! I’m always so excited when I find a great new book, but I must say there is something about finding a book that has been forgotten about. These images are from some of my best finds. Join my journey on instagram @mrjacka where I share inspiration and

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Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne-based Creative Director using his unique and varied qualities to offer a complete aesthetic service.

Having worked as a designer for over 10 years, across a broad range of creative roles – from Interior Designer, Product Developer, Lifestyle Buyer, Textile Designer and Interior Stylist.

Gabriel Jacka offers a range of Interior Design and Interior and Product  Styling services, with his unique approach to interior design and styling your home or project will be deeply personal, beautiful and have enduring style for may years to come.

With Gabriel Jacka’s foundation training being in textile design, it was a natural progression for him to design and develop a range of unique Australian designed and made textiles, hand screen printed in Melbourne for interiors.

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