Interior Design Process – Concept & Planning

After the initial consultation phase of your interior design project, where we establish the full scope of your interior design project, we move onto the concept and planning of your project.

In this part of your interior design project we will focus on the overall concept of your project, from the style of your interiors to the planning of how we can make your dream home come into reality!

From the building blocks we establish in the consultation phase we are able to now mould and fashion an interior design plan that will reflect your interior design goals. Our interior design plan will seamlessly incorporate both a beautiful home and a home that works perfectly for your individual lifestyle.

This process is a very exciting part of your interior design journey, we will tailor a design to your needs and wishes and consult with you along the way to make sure that you love every aspect of your bespoke design.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

We will put together your initial concept drawings and images to give you an overall view of your complete interior design plan. These plans will include an overview of room concepts that will include; colours, fabrics, finishes and furniture and room plans. From these concept plans we will work with you to create your dream home.

From our initial plans we will consult with you so we can achieve the best results for your project. When you are happy with our interior design plans we will start the planning phase of your project. In this phase of your project we will finalise all of the details of your interior design project, from furniture and lighting to carpets and paint finishes and everything in-between!

In this phase you really begin to see your interior design concept come to life!

If you would like to learn more about how we take your interior design plans from concept to completion please read more about it here, Interior Design Process – Project Coordination & Installation.

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