Interior Design Process – Consultation

As with all things the first step, the consultation, in critical in the interior design process. In your interior design consultation we will explore your interior design dreams, we will learn about your goals and your lifestyle and we will seek to thoroughly understand your project and all of its aspects and requirement to achieve for you a home that is an honest reflection of your interior design dreams.

Our first initial consultation is often a phone call where we can both learn a little about the basics of the project. From where your project is located, what the scope of your project is and who the project is for. Getting to know each other and a little bit about the overall project, however brief, is a great foundation for your interior design project to start.

From your initial phone consultation we will visit you on sight to see your project and explore your goals and what you are wanting in achieve. In this meeting we will take photos and keynotes that will create the foundation of your interior design concept.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

At this stage you do not need to have any fixed plans or ideas for your project. All we need from you at this stage is an understanding of who you are, what you love and hate and what you want to achieve.

After our onsite meeting we will ask you to provide us with some more detailed information about you and the home of your dreams. This information along with our meeting will inform our design process. This information in fundamental in the interior design process and forms the backbone in creating a home that truly reflects you.

From your initial interior design consultation and onsite visit we will begin on your bespoke interior deign plans. These plans will encompass the full scope of your project from; interior layouts, furniture plans too fabrics and finishes.

To learn more about how we create your interior design plans please read more about it here, Interior Design Process – Concept & Planning.

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