Delilah Hair Studio

A growing business with a need for more space and a new look that reflects the evolution and new direction of a very hard working space. With every single centimetre working to its hardest, no corner was forgotten in transforming this salon space into a showstopper filled with personality and style.

When you enter the space you are greeted at the door by a warm leather sofa and a space filled with light and green from the mature plants that fill the space.

The cutting floor has an island of stations, each filled with a tall oak mirror that bounces the space with natural light. A mirrored ball sprinkles the room with shards of light, which adds a fresh and fun element to the space.

The washbasins are lined up with simple white tiles adding an element of unity to the space. Above the stations is a custom steel framed wall fitted with riddled glass. On the opposite side of the glass wall, shelves have been fitted to hold stock that can be seen from both sides of the wall adding texture and interest.

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