Editorial and Product Styling Services

Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne based editorial and product stylist who has worked with some of Australia’s most prominent interior designers, publications and business to create original, fresh and cohesive visions for every project.

From styling interior designers or artist’s portfolios, business wanting to solidify their brand and image to publications seeking a new eye and fresh point of view Gabriel has the ability to envision whatever your goals are and achieve them for you.

Creation of images for social media is also a major component of Gabriel’s editorial and product styling work. Creating images that are on brand and in keeping with your brand vision is vital in standing out from the crowd.

Personal Portfolio Styling and Documentation

Gabriel will work with you to create a portfolio that will not only highlight your works strengths, but he will also bring his ability to envision your body of work as a whole to highlight your best abilities.

Portfolio styling and documentation;

  • Interior Designers, who are seeking a stylist to style their photos for their portfolio, website and social media.
  • Artists, who are seeking to document their work and have beautiful photos for their portfolio, website and social media.
  • Business, seeking new images to reflect their vision for their products, website and social media.
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Styling for Businesses and Brands

Getting your brand image right is a make or break for any business. Gabriel offers styling services that will highlight your business or brands strengths and make the most of your image and premises.

Styling for Businesses and Brands is perfect for;

  • New business and brands, seeking to project their vision and create content for their website and social media outlets.
  • Existing business and brands, seeking to solidify their brand and create content for their website and social media.
  • Business and brands wanting a new look or vision and seeking to create original content for their website and social media.

Editorial Styling

Keeping your publication ahead of the game is more important then ever, it doesn’t matter if your publication is a magazine, blog or a book, creating beautifully styled content is key to being noticed.

Editorial Styling is perfect for;

  • Magazines, seeking new eyes and a new perspective for the publication.
  • Blogs, wanting to create new and original content for their readers to stand out from the crowd.
  • Books, looking for a fresh take on your project or some new eyes to look at your work to achieve something original.
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

If you are embarking on a journey to develop your portfolio or strengthen your brand presence, contact us and Gabriel will tailor an individual and personal look that reflects your own unique style and brand.


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